Friday, June 5, 2009

Congratulations to Terence Dalbert

Congratulations to Terence Dalbert. This young man has a full 4 year scholarship to MIT.

His story is featured on WJBF in Augusta, GA. Why not WRDW, WAGT, WFXG, Augusta Chronicle, Metro Spirit? If the young man had made bad news, it would be all over every media outlet. This young man is headed to MIT on a 4 year scholarship and he needs everyone's support. MIT is a much different environment than Lucy C. Laney High School, but know that you made it and others are looking to you as an example to follow.

Congratulations Terence. Fraendy Clervaud reports, "Graduating with a 4.0 GPA, and getting an 1850 SAT score, Terence was this year’s valedictorian at Lucy C. Laney High School" (2009).

Lucy C. Laney High School graduation rates.

Check out the story and video on WJBF's website.

Terence, thank you for demonstrating that you do not have to settle or that being a victim of your environment is an expected behavior. If we expected this from all of our students, more students would graduate and move on in the circle of life.

Go to MIT, do great things, and we look forward to updates on your successes, failures, and shared experiences.

Thank you for representing!!!
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