Monday, September 1, 2008 made by elementary students

Inclusion...a video produced by Mr. Crosby's 4th grade class as they explain how they used Skype to include a classmate who had leukemia.
Check out this video:

Mr. Crosby's class has a wiki, a blog, and they are piloting a 1:1 computer project this year.

Mr. Crosby's class blog Agnes Risley Elementary School

About Brian Crosby from his blog, Learning is Messy:
Brian Crosby, an elementary teacher for 27 years, teaches fifth grade in Sparks, Nevada, and has infused technology into teaching since the 1980’s. While piloting a 1:1 laptop program, students in his class utilize many Web 2.0 tools including Skype, Flickr, blogs, and wikis.

Mr. Crosby...Keep up the great work with the future leaders.
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