Saturday, July 13, 2013

WrapStar - The Microphone

Cool gadget for the #GBaby and fun for adults too. She has tinkered with a couple versions of baby and toddler microphones but she wanted a real microphone. So we opted for the WrapStar.

I wanted to know the difference in the model numbers, WS101, WS102, WS103, and WS104 before purchasing one. I chatted with an Amazon agent who said she would get back to me in 2-3 business days. Then I contacted FirstAct via email and received a response the next day. Apparently the model numbers depict the different colors of the microphone. arrived and she tinkered with it. The next day in the middle of her singing to her GGMa in a Google Hangout, it just stopped working. We changed the batteries, tried a variety of twists and straightening and the microphone was still not operational. We submitted the request for replacement through Amazon, who shipped the replacement out the next day. We returned the initial one that was not working. I don't know if we got a bad one but I recommend this for people of all ages. Kudos to Amazon's Customer Service for the quick turn around. It is available at a variety of retailers online and brick and mortar.

Do you have a WrapStar microphone? How are you enjoying it?

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