Saturday, June 26, 2010

What is milSuite?

Update: milSuite Enterprise Edition launched February 19, 2011:
Links are updated in the blog post.

The 30 second YouTube commercial about milSuite

milSuite is a collection of online tools designed to promote collaboration and information sharing, in a secure, online environment and was launched in October 2009. The milSuite portfolio currently includes milBook, milBlog, and milWiki.

milSuite provides these capabilities by focusing on three main objectives:  locating information, sharing knowledge and connecting people. CAC (Common Access Card) must be registered with valid AKO/DKO account to access the milSuite components.

milSuite has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.

milBook is an initiative to connect people across the AKO/DKO community.  milBook acts as a central hub for networking workforce professionals with others of similar interests, much like the popular social media sites Facebook™ and LinkedIn™.  Users have the ability to share information through group blogs, discussions, and private wiki documents allowing secure communities of interest to grow and connect with others across the greater Military community.

milWiki is a collaboration tool used by the AKO/DKO community.  It is a powerful tool and a living knowledge bank where experts are encouraged to contribute their experience and knowledge and update the information as it happens.  It allows users to integrate and interlink knowledge into topical-based articles and collaborate on issues up to and including UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO documentation.  milWiki's goal is to capture the intellectual property of the AKO/DKO community and allow users to easily locate and expand upon that knowledge through community updates.

milBlog is a place to find and share the latest news, insider articles, comments, and posts from the community.  It is designed to invite collaboration through discussion and comments on news, events, and announcements that impact the greater AKO/DKO community.  Readers can comment and ask questions that really get the discussion started.  milBlog provides quick easy access and a secure awareness to mission related knowledge and information.

milTube is a platform to capture the numerous internal videos being created across the Department of Defense.

*Clicking on the links for milBook, milBlog, and milWiki will direct you to the milSuite page unless you are logged in with AKO/DKO credentials. The milSuite components, milBook, milBlog, milWiki, and milTube can be accessed from the My Training page through AKO/DKO.

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milSuite has a presence on TwitterFacebookFlickr, and YouTube.
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