Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mapping with Google - Maps and Earth

Just completed the Mapping with Google Course with Maps and Earth.

System requirements to participate/complete the course:

  1. Completion of the Google Maps and Google Earth activities and projects for certificate credit requires an Internet-enabled device.
  2. For Google Earth, ensure your computer is able to run the current version of Google Earth by reviewing the related system requirements. Download the current version of Google Earth.
  3. Mapping with Google includes some components, such as video and text lessons, that are accessible from most smartphones and tablets.
  4. Participation in the optional Google+ hangouts requires a webcam-enabled device.

Some takeaways from the course:

  • You could add the city closest to you for a world view of students in the MOOC.
  • As part of this course, we had access to a new version of Google Maps not yet available to all users.
  • Google invites educators to apply for a free Pro version of Google Earth year round, and would like to extend a discount to Mapping with Google students completing the course. Upon submission of a Google Maps or Google Earth project in advance of the June 24, 2013 deadline, students will receive a coupon code for 50% off a Google Earth Pro license. Coupons will be viewable from the My Profile page once the certificate project has been received. The coupon is valid through June 29, 2013.
  • There are some awesome tours available in Google Earth. Visit a place that you want to visit but otherwise not doable. Just may even discover an interest that you thought was boring and buried from your school days.
  • Visit some place you have been and enable the Historic views.
  • Many classroom ideas that can be used as family learning projects.
  • Don't forget to check out Sky, Moon, and Mars - Too cool and much improved since I did a blog post about Google Moon and Sky in 2008.
There are many things about this experience that I could write about, but the 3 year old Gbaby takes priority.

Thanks Google for the MOOC.

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