Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Google's Halloween Energy Saving Calculator and Tips

Google's Halloween energy saving calculator, energy saving tips, and data source information. Great way to collaborate with your family members to build that fall "to do" list for the house and make everyone aware of energy saving tips that everyone can do to help around the house and reduce our carbon footprints.

From the Google page, "Spooked by high energy prices? Save money with these tips. Halloween is nearly here, and the days are getting shorter. Does the prospect of high energy prices this winter make your blood run cold? Check out how much you can save by taking the following simple steps".

Google Data Sources for this energy savings calculator. The calculations used in these pages are estimates - actual results will depend on your home, your climate, your energy costs, heating fuel used, etc.

More Google products and Google labs provide enough for anyone looking to search, explore, communicate, share, go mobile, or play in Google's Technology Playground.

Does your family incorporate any special fall energy saving event to save the budget and stay comfortable this winter?
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