Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Letters to the Next President - From students

About This Project - Middle and high school students from across the country are using Google Docs to write about the issues and concerns they want our next president to address.

As of 22 October 08, 5:43 PM (EST) 967 letters from 46 schools are posted on the project site using Google Docs. You can select letters by subjects or by state. What do your students/children have to tell the next President of the United States?

More about this project - Letters to the Next President: Writing Our Future is an online writing and publishing project for students, ages 13 - 18, co-sponsored by Google and the National Writing Project. We invited young people to write about the issues and concerns that they feel are central to their future, issues they would hope our next president would act on. Topics were chosen by the students themselves to reflect their specific personal, regional, and age-related interests. Teachers and mentors guided students through the process of writing a persuasive letter or essay to the presidential candidates using Google Docs.

Google is delighted to give young people a way to express their thoughts on the issues being discussed during this presidential campaign. We're glad that Google Docs, our web-based, collaborative writing tool, was a useful tool for teachers and students to compose, edit, review, and publish these letters. Learn more about how educators are using Google Docs in the classroom.

The National Writing Project is the nation's largest professional development network for the teaching of writing. The NWP believes writing is a cornerstone of civic engagement for people of all ages. We're pleased to help present the words and ideas of these wonderful young people.
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