Sunday, January 4, 2009

7 Things Meme

I have been tagged by Penny Lindballe in the " 7 Things you did not know about me" meme.

I will post 7 things that you won't find out about me through my blog, without threatening national security, or my security clearance. If this was an email, I would be the one listed as least likely to respond.

1. 20 years ago this year, I was in the middle of my best assignment with the US Army. I was a Basic Training Drill Sergeant. The best two years of my military life and so busy that I didn't realize I was 2 years older than when I started "On the Trail".

2. My mother subscribes to my blog and my daughter does not.

3. I obtained a $5000 Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant for Butler HS. I spent more time at my daughter's high school than I did any of her middle or elementary schools. Not because she needed me too...but for so many other reasons. I did this without ruining her "coolness" factor.

4. I have driven through or visited 35 of the 50 United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. I have also been outside of the US to Thailand, Korea, Japan, Germany, Spain, France, Holland, and Iraq.

5. I have always been a lifelong learner. I learn something from everyone and everything I do. I view life through various perspectives such as the Six blind men and the Elephant.

6. One of my top wishes: That everyone spend as much time in resolving an issue as they do griping, groaning, and complaining about an issue.

7. I floundered as a college freshman straight out of high school but I have flourished as a non traditional adult student through the BSIT (Information Technology), MAEd (Adult Ed & Distance Learning) programs, and now in the Ed.D program for Educational Technology Management.

Seven people I tag for participate in this 7 Things Meme are:

Darren Draper
Dr. Scott McLeod
Vicki Davis
Eric Tremblay
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