Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reflection with some HS grads and how do we...

What have you done to break the cycle of passive acceptance?

When I returned to Augusta for a visit, some of my daughter's friends stopped by to check on G Mama Flo who was injured in a car accident and catch up on what we all have been doing.

I miss working with the students who I have so much hope for because they are our replacements and we relate on so many issues. Many of them were home for the holidays and stopped in to visit their former high schools and noticed many changes, from educators who have moved on to their personal diverse perspectives as alumni.

It was great to hear about those who have moved on to successful college experiences, military, or internships and to hear their hopes and dreams and those who have remained in Augusta and have fallen into what I call the "Disgusta Depression." Some of them had so many hopes and dreams during high school...plans for college, travel, fulfilling jobs and they seem to have petered out. It hurts my heart...because I left Augusta...for many reasons from focusing on my own educational endeavors and the dissertation process, career progression, experience life as an empty nester, and to fulfill a need to move every few years that became ingrained during my military career.

So how do we help them to break the cycle of passive acceptance? How do we empower these former students who seem to have lost their zest for life challenges, hopes, and dreams?
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