Monday, May 31, 2010

Learning another Language?

With so many Internet connected devices, the different reasons to learn another language, and the diverse resources available for those exploring learning opportunities about a foreign language what is one to do? What if you want to type in the foreign language? Convert existing documents? Read a current web page in another language? Contribute to wikis about other languages? For those who enjoy options, here are a few:

Google Translate - Translate text, webpages, and documents.
Google Translate Tools - Add Google Translator to your website and/or add Google Translate to your toolbar for 1 click translations.
Google Translator Toolkit  Allows human translators to work faster and more accurately, aided by technologies like Google Translate. How is this different from Google Translate?
Google Translated Search - Search other websites in a foreign language.
Google Translate for Chrome Translate any webpage with one click.

Typing Spanish Accents Information for users of Windows 3.11, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Using the U.S. - International Keyboard, and Mac Users to change the keyboard options or use the cryptic keys.

Typing in Spanish - A table summarizes some key combinations that are useful on various platforms. It also shows the codes for HTML and RSS files.  

Wikijunior Languages From Arabic to Urdu and options to contribute to other languages being developed from Albanian to Yiddish. 

SpanishPod Mobile for iPhones and Androids Learning on your mobile device.

Wikibooks - Languages - Languages are categorized by featured wikibooks and subsections.

Spanish Wikibook in English and Spanish

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Resources - Resources include culture and area studies materials, country familiarization materials with language phrase books, and online reading and listening lessons for independent learners.

Global Language Online Support System (GLOSS) - more than 4,000 lessons, GLOSS is a valuable resource in maintaining and improving language ability of the learners.

Byki - Personalized language learning system from flash cards, ecards, iPhone Twitter app, and more for over 70 languages.

Transparent Language - Free Language Resources from word of the day, vocabulary, blogs to social media connections. 

Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites for EFL, ELL, ESL, and Bilingual Ed

Many resources for learning a second language are available through the Internet. A countless number of programs, books, and learning opportunities are available for anyone seeking a second (or 3rd, 4th, or insert number here) language. So whether you are learning another language for career progression, education, vacation, tutoring, or you are curious some resources are listed in this post.  Your shared recommendations, links, and additional resources are always welcome.

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