Saturday, May 22, 2010

TPACK, GAEE, and data dump from 2 weeks of intense assignments

Learning about Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework has been enlightening for me as I visit the many sites created and maintained by Dr. Punya Mishra & Dr. Matthew Koehler  the TPACK wiki,  TPACK 101, All things TPACK, collaborative and separate projects, publications, and shared information. 

What are the opportunities to observe, measure, inquire about TPACK in schools that have integrated Google Apps Education Edition beyond NY IS 339's Dot-to-Dot: A Global Learning Reception and Prince George's County Public Schools PGCPS has been Googlized and Oregon Department of Education announcement for statewide option for GAEE? While Mishra & Koehler continue to provide TPACK learning opportunities in higher education, what about the TPACK levels of those involved in schools that adopt Google Apps Education Edition or when students become the teachers?

Just a few links from my Internet connections and RSS feeds:
Drape's Takes When Students Become Teachers Become Students 
Sylvia Martinez Generation YES Students teach tech to Superintendents
Fred Wilson A VC in NYC Let The Students Teach
Vicki Davis Cool Cat Teacher Teach Students to Teach Themselves
Edutopia Students Teach Technology to Teachers
Project Tomorrow Students Speak Up 
Pew Internet & American Life Projects Technology User Types
PBS. Digital Nation How Google Saved a School
NY IS 339's Dot-to-Dot: A Global Learning Reception (2009)
NY IS 339's Dot-to-Dot: A Global Learning Reception (2010)

I tend to learn something from everything and everyone I encounter...good, bad, or indifferent but in the world where the arguments still continue about who is in charge, who is in control, while budgets are being cut not just in education but also in technology (and other career fields), many educational and learning sites are blocked, and many schools still lack basic technology...learning is still taking place. Can you imagine graduating high school in 2010 and never accessed the Internet to learn? Well it is still a reality.

The 2010 National Educational Technology Plan (NETP), 2004 NETP and other NETP archives are available through the net, what are the lessons learned? What lessons learned are in available in the practical application? For the educators, technology integrationists, students, self directed learners and many individuals who are returning to higher education and continue to share knowledge, a heartfelt thanks from this lifelong learner. While I cannot thank everyone in my P4LN*, know that whatever you post in cyberspace may impact a learner somewhere, sometime, and/or somehow.

After an intense 2 weeks of research and homework I just needed to post some of the ideas that have resurfaced as I review and assess the reasons why I am on this doctoral journey and compare, contrast, and align information while trying to maintain priorities and responsibilities of life beyond being a student. 

So is anyone researching TPACK in schools that have implemented Google Apps Education Edition?

Comments, recommendations, or checks in the reaction boxes are welcome.

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