Saturday, July 17, 2010

Do you Qurify? Are you using QR codes?

What are you doing with QR codes? What can you do with QR codes? What do you need to qurify? Have you seen a QR codes on name tags, in the windows of building, on business cards, blogs, tattoos, symbols on shirts?

QR Code News, Videos, and Forum. Multiple resources of information on who, what, where, why, when and how (5WH) of everything QR code information. Want to know if your phone is capable? Want to know who is doing what with QR codes?

QR Codes via Wikipedia. Where you can read about the standards, license, storage, variants, QR codes as artwork, standalone apps, and references.

Want a QR code for WordPress or Blogger? Check out: QR Code Plugin for WordPress and Blogger Gadget Display whatever QR Code you want and let your users qurify their messages into a QR Code as well. On your blog! Test the gadget here and install the free gadget on your blog.

Diigo lets users qurify the app and download it to your phone. Diigo Power Note for Android - Your memory booster on the goKey features:  Add text notes, bookmarks, snapshots, pictures, text messages to your diigo library; Access recent items in your diigo library; Access your bookmarks marked as "Read later".

So what do you need?
A smart phone with an operational camera, a bar code reader, and depending on the bar code reader users have the option to directly visit the URL, send the information via email or SMS.
You can test your phone and bar code reader by accessing your bar code app on your phone, viewing the bar code on the right side of the blog (or through this link) and the bar code reader app should display the link to this blog. 

Depending on your device, the apps market for the device there are more than enough bar code readers to choose from. Let me know if you have a favorite, or if you have changed bar code reader apps, or ones we should avoid and why. How do you use QR codes? What is your favorite bar code reader or QR code generation site?

Vicki Davis aka Cool Cat Teacher posted this entry Hardlink to the Future: QR codes (June 2009)
Liz Kolb posted this entry on how to create QR codes for any subject and how QR codes can be integrated in the classroom (January 2009).
Mr. Robbo the PE Geek has some interesting posts about using QR codes in education (2009-2010).
Gerry McKiernan 's posts: QR codes and libraries and  QR codes in publications

Comments, recommendations, and links to your favorite QR codes are welcome. For those who have used QR codes at one time, are you still using them? your students? businesses? 
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