Saturday, April 20, 2013

From Chalkboard to Tablets presentation in DC

From Chalkboard to Tablets was presented in DC on April 19, 2013. I told myself if I was ever in the area I was going to attend one of the presentations given by Julie Evans.

I have multiple interests in the data provided by Speak Up National Research Project for the last 10 years:

  • As a parent of a high school student attending a school, in a district, with a NO mobile device policy
  • As a custodial GParent of a youngster growing up digital
  • As a doctoral student
  • As an employee who needs the next generation to be able to defend the nation's cyber interests
The report, From Chalkboard to Tablets, presentation, press releases and  the Congressional Briefing are available from the site.

The panelists provided a positive presentation and information about some schools that are integrating technology but as many of us know this is not the majority. While we have diverse tech skills amongst employees, students, educators, parents/GParents and those with access, when you look at the workforce replacements (current K-12) the diversity exists. Of course, the time with the panelists went quickly. I would still like to know the impact on students and educators who transfer in and out of the districts that have the great technology integrated programs. Due to career progression, economic factors, or military families I can only wonder what options do students have when transferring in and out of the technology integrated schools. Maybe another data set for the Project Tomorrow Team ?

I am glad I attended and met Julie. The next session is scheduled for June 4, 2013, 12-1330 @ the Capitol Visitor Center, House Visitor Center, Room 201 with a panel of Students. If you would like to attend, RSVP Jenny Hostert @ where the theme of the presentation is "Celebrating 10 years of giving a voice to students!"

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