Monday, May 6, 2013

Time to Review and Restock your first aid kit @ home, work, vehicles?

May is the busy month of celebrations from School Nurse appreciation Week and Day, Teacher appreciation week/day, Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo, and way to many events to list in a blog post. Check out Brownie Locks and The 3 Bears site for daily, monthly, and unique events.

But take some time to ensure to restock your first aid kit. Whether you are the school nurse, an adventurist, or keep a pocket kit available, clean the kit out and restock the kits at home, work, and in your vehicles. The most used items need restocking, creams and liquids expire or evaporate, individual towelettes dry out, batteries need to be replaced, plastic and rubber materials dry rot depending on the environment the where the kit is stored, and special instructions and contact numbers need to be updated.

It may also be time to review or renew your CPR or AED training and certifications or sign up or host a local basic first aid course. While you are at it, check the fire extinguishers. You can have the tools but if you do not know how to use what is in the kit, the effort is useless.

If you never need a first aid kit...good for you! But for that paper cut, bug bite, unexpected splinter, or unplanned never know when you will need something. Better to be prepared than never ready.

How do you schedule the review of your basic first aid kits? Monthly, Quarterly events on a shared calendar, make it a family event, involve the coworkers? 

Comments, +1s, and reaction check boxes are always welcome.

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