Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Flunked the Movie

Has anyone seen this movie?

The United States is living on its past. Among the oldest group in the study (those aged 56–65), U.S. prose skills rose to second place. For those attending school in the 1950s, SAT scores reached an all-time high.As the years go by, the United States slips down the list. Americans educated in the sixties captured a Bronze Medal in literacy, those schooled in the seventies got 5th place in the race. But those schooled in the nineties ranked 14th…


Wichita, Kansas Flint Hills Center for Public Policy
Wednesday, October 8th 5:00 pm
Orpheum Theatre 200 N. Broadway Wichita, KS
Admission: 1 School Supply
RSVP: 316-634-0218 or

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