Monday, November 10, 2008

Veterans Day

As we come out of celebrating USMC's 233rd birthday, we migrate into Veterans Day. To all of my fellow veterans...Enjoy your Veterans Day! There are many things we can do to celebrate Veterans Day throughout the year.

iCasualties - Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) - Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)

Take a moment and send an email, provide pet foster care, send a care package, donate blood, donate frequent flyer miles, pray, or volunteer in your community.

eMom (e mail our military)
Xerox provides a Let's Say Thanks campaign badge, grab one for your space

Most of the links provide supplemental information for teachers and parents to teach children more about the day and how to say, "Thank you" to the many veterans they see everyday

A few more ways to honor our heroes this Veterans Day:
• Write a veteran a thank-you note, or send a letter to an entire VFW or American Legion post.
• Write a letter/Send an email to a Soldier currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.
• Talk to your children about who veterans are, what they do and what their service means to our country.

Thank you Veterans! We will never forget.

What special way do you remember your veterans?
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