Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From Past to Present

I came across the first blog I started in support of Butler High School. It is titled, Part of the Solution and allowed me to share information with others about things anyone could do to help out this school, the students, and to help eradicate the "Disgusta" mentality that so many of our students associate with Augusta, GA.

My last post on that blog is associated with a written response to 15 questions we presented to the school board after 90 days of submitting the written request to them and after they attended a "Meet and Greet" event at the school. To this day, responses to some of those questions have not been answered. It doesn't mean I gave up, I just redirected my efforts to support the students who will one day replace those making the decisions.

I was looking at the blog post in reference to encourage people to register their Target cards in support of their school of choice.

Target’s most recent donation(September 2006): $136.97
Total of all of Target’s donations through September 2006: $2422.34
Amount accumulated so far toward Target’s next donation* 0.0
Number of Target® Visa® and Target® Card holders who have designated this school: 213

Here is the latest information:

Butler High School Augusta, GA 30906-3547
The most recent Target donation to this school (March 2009): $84.45
Total of all Target donations to this school through March 2009: $3223.83
Amount accumulated toward the next Target donation: *$57.45
Number of REDcard holders who have designated this school: 33

So if you have a Target card, support a school you never know how far a few extra cents will go if you designate a school you used to attend, a school your children or grandchildren attend, or a school in your community.

More information on Target's Take Charge of Education

When people discover the blog they question why I have not deactivated the blog or deleted any information...I remind them that many of the posts support my own educational pursuit in the field of Educational Technology Management and they provide an audit trail which can be used for personal and professional references.

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