Friday, July 17, 2009

What are you doing with Google Books?

Create your own Library in Google Books. Add books to your digital footprint. Find relevant information about your favorite book in the book overview, with book reviews, common terms and phrases, web references, maps, and other information associated with the book.

College students - Add the textbooks for courses. Save $$ if the textbook you need for the course is available online. Document all of the textbooks required for course work. Easy access to all references used in assignments. You can view My Library.

Avid readers - Add the books you read. Your Library becomes a quick reference point whether you are at the library or the bookstore.

Summer readers - Keep track of all the books you read during the summer.

Students - Keep track of all the books read during a school year, a favorite subject, or create a reference point for the books you have read.

Parents - Keep track of all those bedtime stories you read.

Employers - Share your reading list with others.

Educators - Add the textbooks your students are assigned to read, create supplemental reading lists to share, and/or subscribe to other educators' libraries through RSS.

Check the history of Google Books.

Search for book and magazine content using Advanced Search options.

Read about the future of Google Book Search in the groundbreaking agreement with authors and publishers.

Your Library is associated with your Google profile. So as you are discovered through your digital footprint, future employers, college recruiters, parents, future educators will see the books associated with your Google profile.

You can follow Google Books on Twitter @googlebooks and/or subscribe to the Google Books blog.

Share your Google Books library link or share your method of using Google Books.

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