Thursday, November 11, 2010

Google's Veterans Day Doodles and Government Search

Google's collection of Google Doodles from 1998 to present can be found here. Today's Google Doodle recognizing the U.S. Veterans Day can be found on the Classic Home Google page on 11/11, but after the holiday, the Google Doodles gallery allows users to see 12 years of Google Doodles.

Thank you to all of my fellow Veterans, for your service and your sacrifice. We will never forget those who came before us and continue to blaze a trail for those who will follow in our footsteps.
Google U.S. Government Search image can be seen anytime you use the Google U.S. Government Search.
Users choose to search for content located on either U.S. federal, state and local government websites or the entire Web from the same search box. Users personalize the page by adding content feeds on government or other topics that you're interested in. 

Webmasters: If you manage a website for a U.S. government agency, you can promote content from your site by creating a content feed for the U.S. Government Search homepage or by ensuring that all content from your site is included in the Google search index using Google Sitemaps. 

Check out the FAQ page for responses to the following Frequently Asked Questions

A few more ways to honor our heroes and sheroes this Veterans Day or throughout the year:
• Write a veteran a thank-you note, or send a letter to an entire VA hospital, VFW, or American Legion post.
• Write a letter/Send an email to a Service member currently serving.
• Talk to your children about who veterans are, what they do and what their service means to our country or check out the VA for Kids page.

Thank you Veterans! We will never forget.

What special way do you remember your veterans?

A 11/2008 blog post featured the 2008 Veterans Day Poster Gallery and this year's entry is worth mentioning. The annual Veterans Day Poster Gallery contains images from 1978 to present.

Thank you Veterans, not just today, but every day!
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