Saturday, November 6, 2010

When an adult child returns home... hear the stats...more adult children living at home or returning home after life changing events.  So while I was off in NC enjoying my empty nest status and working on my research for the dissertation phase of my doctoral happened. I am thankful to the US Army that taught me to AIO - Adapt, Implement, and Overcome. 

Got it...I am one of many members of the sandwich generation who are responsible for taking in, caring for, supporting in one form or another a parent and an adult child...who has a child.

I know as I returned to Georgia my family was waiting on the hammer to drop...but I took it a step at a time...give it 30 days, assess and analyze the situation, provide some solutions, pray, and continue to move forward.

So one of the recommendations was to develop a family contract. Most people who know me know that I do not have a problem developing or enforcing a standard. So here is the ed techie portion of the blog...a Google Doc with a modifiable family contract.This may or may not be new to many parents and even adult children...but life is full of learning opportunities and teachable moments for all parties involved. If you have some recommendations, think I created an unreasonable document...leave a comment...after all it is the Internet and someone you know may have been or may be going through this type of situation. You can scroll through the embedded Google Doc below or go straight the Google Docs template, create a copy and modify for your situation.

As with the Google Doc, the disclaimer states the doc is not a legal document, just a documented family agreement. As with all posts, your comments, recommendations, or even checking one of the reaction boxes is appreciated.

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