Monday, December 26, 2011

Tinkering with Screenshot UX and Google Mobile

On November 25, 2010 I blogged about tinkering with the ShootMe app and Google Mobile. At that time ShootMe did not require devices to be rooted. Since then the app changed back to requiring users to root their devices and now it seems it is no longer available on the Android Market. The apk file is available from the Android Forum discussion thread. Finding a screen capture (or screen shot, screenshot, screen grabber) app in the Android Market or Amazon Apps produces different results with varying requirements for users.

What do you look for when selecting an app? I probably over analyze but the app has to have ROI in my world, provide the option to connect with others who are using the app, review other individuals comments about the app, see how active the developer is in social networks, affordability of the app and the option to donate if the app is free...but most of all I have to want to use it and be able to share that usability with others.

Since then I upgraded my phone and I am trying out different apps. For a screen capture app that does not require a user to root their device, I am tinkering with Screenshot UX. The developer recommends using the Screenshot UX trial version first so users can see if this app works on their device. If the app functions the way the user wants, you can purchase the app for $3.99. If you use screen captures to help others or in your blogs this app works well.

Here is an image of Google Mobile using Screenshot UX:

What is your favorite screen capture or screen sharing app?

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