Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Favorite SMS Backup App? How do you backup your SMS, MMS, and phone log?

What is your favorite SMS/MMS/Phone log backup app?

Whether you want to backup your phone log, MMS, or SMS there are a variety of free and paid apps out there based on the market you choose. If you are getting ready to upgrade a phone or keeping messages for future reference there is an app for you and your device.

I opted for SMS Backup+ based on what I read, the ease of integration into my GMail, Google Calendar, and because it is a fork from Backup Android. It is also possible to restore SMS and call log entries back to the phone. 

SMS Backup+ in the Android App Market
SMS Backup+ in the Amazon Marketplace
SMS Backup+ on github

If you support those who develop apps, the PayPal donation option is available through the About option or from the site you can opt to Flattr.

If you are backing up a phone log I recommend creating an additional Google Calendar for your phone log backup.

SMS - Short Message Service
MMS - Multimedia Messaging Service

So what is your favorite SMS backup app?

As always comments, recommendations, +1s, and reaction box checks are appreciated.

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Kris Lawrence said...

I am actually downloading SMS Backup+ now. Just when I felt that I had to sell my Android phone, here comes SMS Backup+. If not for Skype, I would say that my phone is pretty useless right now, but SMS Backup just got me sold.