Sunday, December 30, 2012

Required staple if toddlers in the discovery learning phase

Toddlers in the home permanently or for holiday visits? 
Go ahead and pick up the Mr Clean Magic Eraser variety pack

The end of year blogosphere is filled with posts the best of, the top 10, thanks, and I am still honing my time management skills with the toddler. As with many 2 year olds, the discovery of pens, pencils, crayons, and markers is one aspect of discovery learning. For the holiday she received the Step 2 Deluxe Artist Desk to support her creativity and discovery learning. Washable markers and crayons are the tools we would like them to use everyday but every now and then the toddler acquires a pen. For some reason walls are required as one canvas choice during the discovery learning phase of creativity and boundaries. 

As much as you want to encourage wall art using chalkboard paint or IdeaPaint, being a tenant in leased housing does not allow one to do what they would do to walls if they were home owners. As many of us discover ink doesn't always come out of clothes and can be challenging to remove from walls depending on the wall covering. So I thought I would try Mr Clean Magic Eraser Variety Pack.

It worked. The standard canvas is back to the Step 2 Deluxe Artist Desk but I know if the toddler decides to use the wall as her canvas we can recover without major meltdowns.

I am still looking for options to repair the tips of the styluses. Part of her discovery learning is removing the soft tips. Until then, we will work through the bundle of 14 colorful stylus universal capacitive touch screen pen. Any recommendations on replacing the soft tips removed by the discovery learner?

Here is to making it through another day, another week, and enter 2013 with health, happiness, tinkering, practicing platform agnostics, and learning from others as well as our decision making processes.

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