Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little Brother - A book with something for everyone

I came across Little Brother while consolidating recommended reading lists from leaders. After taking a break from required reading for school, Little Brother seemed interesting for a few reasons listed below.

Cory Doctorow's article Security Literacy: teaching kids to think critically about security from the May 2008 Tor/Forge Newsletter.

Cory's blog post, June 2012 Students assigned to cheat on exam use doctored Little Brother cover and many other methods featuring James Caroland, US Navy/US Cyber Command and Greg Conti, West Point.

Tracey Hughes shares course materials she developed with her Grade 10 students in Peterborough, Ontario to remix, adapt, and reuse. Cory's post: Remixable Grade 10 course materials for Little Brother

You can read about Little Brother on Cory Doctorow's site or Wikipedia. Or the many book reviews published over the last four years.

You can donate the book to educators and librarians in the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Kosovo, Taiwan, United Kingdom and choose to be an acknowledged as a public donor or added to the anonymous count.

You can download Little Brother at no cost based on Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).

While Little Brother is categorized as Juvenile Fiction or Young Adults (YA), people of all ages can learn from the story, which is interwoven with real issues, real sites, and credible resources.

Whether you are a tinkerer or learning about today's students, your children, and/or grandchildren to the credibility offered in the Afterwords by Bruce Schneier and Andrew "bunnie" Huang and the Bibliography with references to techno-countercultural writings to websites such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Pirate party and Cryptome there is something everyone can connect with in Little Brother.

Little Brother was adapted and directed by Josh Costello into a play/stage version in San Francisco, CA. Josh made a few changes because novels and plays are differentLittle Brother is supported by the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, Zellerbach Family Foundation, William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the Custom Made family of donors.

If you are gifting for your avid reader or your favorite library, Little Brother should be on your list. Homeland, the follow on to Little Brother will be released February 5, 2013. You can read an excerpt from Homeland.

Cory Doctorow Bio

Have you read Little Brother? Gifted the digital or printed book? Received it as a gift? Did you see the play? What do you think?
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