Saturday, May 17, 2008

Last week of school

It has been one year of a blogging sabbatical...I start again as the class of 2008 prepares to graduate and BHS PTSA, Inc. transitions the outgoing officers to the incoming officers. The old blog: Part of the Solution

As we wind down the final week of the final year of the last 180 days of our experience with calendar dictated education, it is time to reflect. I am excited for my daughter's graduation and so very proud of her. The past two years have been educational, eventful, and enlightening. I send a heartfelt thank you to everyone I encountered. I learned something from everyone, regardless of our interaction and I am thankful for the experience.

I am grateful for the many people which have influenced my daughter's life...good, bad, and indifferent. These influences include the four states where she has attended public school and the adjustments she has made as a military child who had to move every time the military issued orders and career choices during my process of deciding what to do with the rest of my life after military retirement. Why? Because that is real life...we meet individuals who are good, bad, and indifferent and because progression is a good thing.

I am confident in her decision making process since we have particpated in life rather than succumb to statistics and stereotypes. I continue to encourage her to make the most of the opportunities presented to her and as my mother/her grandmother still encourages us to "Bloom where you are planted".

Our lifelong learning adventure is about to begin and coupled with our passion for technology we are only limited by the boundaries we place on ourselves. Congratulations to all of our "Classes of 2008" as they progress in life and become the decision makers of who will rock your rocking chair.
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