Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2008 Sales Tax Holiday

2008 Sales Tax Holiday July 31 – August 3, 2008 - Georgia, August 1-3 - South Carolina

For more information on taxable items click the GA Dept of Revenue link:
SC Dept of Revenue Sales Tax Holiday information: http://www.sctax.org/Tax+Information/Sales+and+Use+Tax/Sales+Tax+Holiday.htm

House Bill 948 provides for a sales tax exemption from both state and local sales taxes for certain items purchased July 31 – August 3, 2008. The Bill also provides an exemption for specific energy and water efficient products purchased October 2 –5, 2008.

During the sales tax holiday period, a sales tax exemption applies to purchases of tangible personal property in the following categories:

Personal Computers. A single purchase of $1,500 or less of personal computers and/or related accessories is exempt. If the single purchase exceeds $1,500, the entire transaction is taxable. See list of exempt items.

Articles of Clothing. The exemption applies to articles of clothing and footwear with a sales price of $100 or less per item. Clothing accessories such as handbags, umbrellas, cuff links, handkerchiefs, jewelry, key cases, wallets, watches and watch bands, and ponytail holders and/or similar hair products are not exempt. See lists of exempt items.

General School Supplies. The exemption applies to the purchase of general school supplies with a sales price of $20 or less per item. See list of exempt items.

The exemptions are intended for an individual's personal use. The exemptions exclude items rented, leased, purchased by businesses, or purchased for resale. The exemptions do not apply to items sold at theme parks, entertainment complexes, hotels, restaurants, and airports.

List of exempt computer items: http://www.etax.dor.ga.gov/salestax/holiday/exempt_computers.aspx
List of exempt general school supply items:
List of exempt clothing and footwear: http://www.etax.dor.ga.gov/salestax/holiday/exempt_clothing.aspx
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