Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Do Something Now Challenge

Put the texters to work for Do Something.
Powering offline action. Using the power of online to get teens to do good stuff offline...The Challenge:

We want you to power offline action in your community. Register your school, club, or town for the Do Something Now Challenge. From Sept 1 - Oct 15, recruit at least 50 friends and classmates to sign up for volunteer text messages and win.

We'll create a short code just for you:
For Example, if you go to Glen View High School your short code might be GlenViewHigh. You and your team recruit students to text GlenViewHigh to 30644 and sign up for Do Something Now.

Be creative! Make posters and flyers, shout out DS Now over the PA system, plan a DS Now concert.
The more people you sign up the bigger and better the prizes!

Prize Levels
50 Recruits: 20 SWAG Sets with Do Something pens, folders and notebooks.

100 Recruits: 20 SWAG Sets and 20 Do Something reusable ecobags.

250 Recruits: 20 SWAG Sets, 20 ecobags, 20 t-shirts, and a $100 pizza party.

1000 Recruits: 20 SWAG Sets, 20 ecobags, 20 t-shirts, a $100 pizza party,
AND 2 plane tickets to New York City for a Do Something Boot Camp!

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