Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eradicating Rodent Issues - Normal?

School system works to eradicate rodent issues

I have attended training and educational events in places some people cannot even imagine. As a military service member, I had to, as an adult non traditional student my choice is to pursue online education. But when did it become acceptable to allow rodents in the schools with our students and educators?

This article published by the Augusta Chronicle mentions statements from the Senior Director of Facilities Services. Granted...this is only of of four school systems my daughter has been in and out of during her public education. Of course, I accept the responsibility for the moves with the military. While I can learn under duress and unacceptable environments because of my military background, it does not mean that I learn my best in the varying environments.

I do not expect my daughter, her friends, my neighbors' children, the future leaders of the community, and their educators and administrators to find this acceptable.

Today, the Augusta Chronicle does an article titled, Schools might be slow to crank up thermostat, "Richmond County parents should bundle up their children and make sure their clothing is layered, because older schools might not be quick to flip on the heat".

So yesterday, the rodent issue is stated as, "But the problem isn't any worse than usual", Starks said and today you are encouraged to bundle up your students.

If you didn't know about the rodents being a normal part of the environment or the temperature control, what else don't you know about the environment where your students are all day? If this is acceptable, what are the actions (or lack of) teaching everyone?

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