Thursday, October 30, 2008

Liz Kolb's survey - Cell phones in schools

Liz Kolb is the author of Toys for Tools available through ISTE books.

From the ISTE book site, "Toys for Tools discuses how to enhance learning by using the powerful technology of cell phones both inside and outside the classroom. Many, if not most, educators view cell phones as the enemy. Author Liz Kolb sees them as powerful technology in the hands of students.

Acknowledging the current reality—at many schools ban student cell phone use in the classroom—Kolb discusses a host of innovative and highly interesting uses for the technology that do not require using the phones in the classroom. She also addresses the issues that have caused the bans and provides guidelines for overcoming the problems".

I am passing the survey on through the school network and hopefully some one will participate. We have 4 (out of 10) high schools participating in a pilot program to allow cell phones at school. Before this pilot program for 4 high schools, the phones were confiscated for 365 days.

So my volunteering to teach with cell phones during a Saturday or after school program is turned down, I will work with the local library to offer a cell phone as a learning tool workshop.

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