Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ultimate Parent Guide

Click to open The Ultimate Parent Guide Building a Lasting Relationship with your Teen. (pdf)

Sean Covey's site The 6 Most Important Decisions You will even make is designed for teens and has links for School, Friends, Parents, Dating and Sex, Addictions, and Self Worth.

Trying to bridge the connections between parents, our young adult students, and teachers is a work in progress. The students today are the replacements in our communities, the good and the bad.

With everything going on in the world, sometimes we lose focus on the family connections. How well do we know our young adults who are growing up in the information age? How well do they understand the adults that they will soon be working for or replacing in the communities?

Can you and your teen answer these questions from The Ultimate Parent Guide by Sean Covery?

Parents, How Well Do You Know Your Teen?
1. What are your teen’s favorite subject and teacher in school?
2. What would your teen consider to be the nicest thing you could do for them?
3. What would your teen like to become when they grow up?
4. What is your teen’s favorite kind of music?
5. What is your teen’s hot button, the thing that really makes them mad?
6. What is your teen’s favorite Internet site?
7. What is the one thing your teen wishes they could change about him - or herself?
8. What would your teen really like to talk about with you, but is afraid to?
9. What pet would your teen prefer to have: a dog, a cat, a hamster, a horse, a bird, a turtle, a snake, no pet at all, or all of the above?
10. Who is your teen’s best friend?
11. If your teen could travel anywhere in the world, where would they go?
12. What would your teen rather do: go to a movie with friends, read a good book, play games on the computer, or play their favorite sport?
13. Does your teen have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now? If so, who is it?
14. What has been one of the high points of your teen’s life so far?
15. What was your teen’s favorite vacation ever?

Teens, How Well Do You Know Your Mom/Dad?
1. What color are your mom’s/dad’s eyes?
2. What is your mom’s/dad’s favorite thing to do?
3. What would your mom/dad consider to be the nicest thing you could do for her/him?
4. If your mom/dad had all the time and money in the world, what would they spend their time doing?
5. What are your mom’s/dad’s views on marriage?
6. What is your mom’s/dad’s greatest unfulfilled dream?
7. What was your mom’s/dad’s first full-time job?
8. Who is your mom’s/dad’s closest friend?
9. How did your parents first meet?
10. What is your mom’s/dad’s favorite kind of music?
11. What is your mom’s/dad’s favorite TV show?
12. Who did your mom/dad vote for in the last election?
13. Does your mom/dad gas up the car when the tank is half-empty or wait until it is nearly empty?

14. Where is your mom’s/dad’s favorite vacation spot?
15. What would your mom/dad rather do: watch a good TV show, go out to the movies, go to dinner with some friends, or read a book?
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