Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanks Google

I am a Google girl, a Googler, or whatever Google jargon you apply to those of us who do everything Google. I don't preach Google, I just incorporate it into everything I do...including today during the massive block of all USB connections on the domain (NIPR and SIPR). The network admins were/are on massive random scans, my materials were readily available. So again I have to say "Thanks Google" for allowing me to continue supporting our service members.

From Teyana Taylor's song and her Google Me Official Music Video on YouTube to the many school assignments created on how to implement Google products, Google labs, the Google blogs to share information, to teach a computer skill, to teach others how to communicate using gmail to chat to gmail video chat to the available products through the Google Store from wearables to accessories. There are many more items to be thankful for as Google has been a source for demonstrations and writing assignments during my online schoolwork.

As we move into the week before Thanksgiving (in the US) and we take stock in what we are thankful for...don't forget the Google Docs holiday templates for your holiday documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. As Google celebrated 10 years this year I am thankful for Google, the Google philanthropy, Google's corporate philosophy, the Google blogs, the products and labs that allow me to share knowledge with others as we bridge the digital divide, one person, one group, one net, collaboratively, individually, and all the other ly words we use.

So as you prepare your annual Thanksgiving Gmail, with the newly added Themes and emoticons, send thanks, be thankful, and make the most of The Dash between your date of birth and your date of expiration.

From the titles of Google products: Search, Explore and innovate, Communicate, show & share and Go Mobile. Take the time to say "Thank You" will be surprised how 2 little words can make a person's day.
Thank You for taking a moment to read the blog post!!!
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