Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reflection and Transformative Learning

Well another blogging dry spell...writer's block, school assignments, experiencing life as an empty nester. So this week's writer's block...wasn't so much of a writer's block...but I got caught up in the activity of reflection. Reflecting on life events, school assignments, and blog drafts.

As I completed the assignment and reflected on self reflection and collaborative reflective activities I kept coming back to blog drafts.

Transformative Learning was stuck in my gray matter. How many of you engage in Transformative Learning?

We cannot encourage students to engage in transformative learning if we are unwilling to do it ourselves (Palloff & Pratt, 2007, Pg 202). Palloff & Pratt go on to quote Stephen Brookfield (1995) notes that 'those of us who are trying to get colleagues to identify and question their assumptions, or to look at their practice through different lenses, must do the same" (pg 205). This is followed by a list of questions designed for self-reflection.

In Chapter 9, there is a section titled, We Are The Experts When It Comes to Our Own Learning. When students are empowered to become experts at their own learning, they cannot help but be transformed as people. Their self esteem rises, as does their confidence in their abilities. The main task of educators/instructors as facilitators of this process is to bring forth their best instructional practices and then get out of the way (Palloff & Pratt, 2007, pg 205).

How do you engage in Transformative Learning with your students? Peers? Superiors? Family? Community groups? Other groups in your lifelong learning process?
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