Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dropout Prevention Summit

America's Promise Dropout Prevention Summit is visiting 100 cities. Is your city on the list?

If not, it is OK. The America's Promise website provides a list of resources if you want to conduct a summit and be proactive.

The resources include tips, templates, reference materials and other resources to help you plan a successful dropout prevention event that integrates critical components for success.

Some resources are shared from cities such as Detroit, Louisville, Tulsa, Denver, and some resources are consolidated by state: Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, and New York.

Georgia is on the list for September 2009 with no specific date in Atlanta and Augusta. What disheartens me is the summit in Augusta is scheduled to be held at one of the ten high schools that does not have a dropout and wins numerous awards at local, state, and national levels. Mass transit is not available for the majority of Augusta to allow those who want to attend but cannot get downtown due to extenuating circumstances. RCSS will conduct this summit and then complain that parents and community members did not attend. Because we are sharing this information 6 months before the scheduled event, there is enough time for students, parents, teachers, and community members to get involved through their school board members and do what needs to be done, and if not...then conduct their own summit.

Want to have your own summit? Check out the list for Steps to planning your own summit.

So many resources for those who want to do something. Check out the Action Plans, Youth Engagement, Special Needs, policies, and resources shared from other summits.

What are you waiting for? Anyone and everyone can make a difference. From self-awareness and education through the website to volunteering at a local school or community center to the multitude of ideas from the America's Promise website.

Remember, these are the future leaders and they will make the decision about who rocks your rocking chair.
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