Saturday, May 23, 2009

Community as Curriculum

I participated in David Cormier's Community as Curriculum webhead event today. I would like to defend my dissertation this way. Of course, I understand that I have to eradicate some barriers.

But why shouldn't I have an opportunity to defend my dissertation this way? The degree is Educational Technology Management...I chose the Ed.D degree because I am a practioner, not the researcher wanting to develop a new theory or change existing theory.

Watch this UStream . The chat room was busy, the doodling of responses on the slides was collaborative, so even if you missed something, everything is archived to review later at your own pace and convenience. Once Dave's time was up, the UStream was available.

Don't have time to watch the Ustream? Check out the slides that display everyone's participative comments.

Even if I can't defend my dissertation this way, why not change the options now for future students?

As always, comments are welcome!

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