Saturday, November 7, 2009

Donors Choose $25 - What project should I donate to?

On September 19, 2009, Richmond County School System (RCSS) hosted a community summit on the issue of dropout prevention with a grant made possible by America’s Promise Alliance.

Everyone who attended received an email with an opportunity to complete a survey which in turn would provide attendees with a $25.00 Donors Choose credit to donate to a project.

I received my email and went to select a project in RCSS to donate the $25.00...but no educators in the RCSS have registered a project. So I sent an email to my school board member, the Superintendent, and finally the Public Information Director (PID). I also created the RCSS Dropout Prevention Ning and posted the same request there...Where is everyone donating the $25 Donors Choose credit?

The only response I received was from the PID stating he would look into it. So I am throwing the question to the net...the neighboring county has 2 projects, 17 projects from the schools I attended growing up, 80 projects in the county where my daughter attended HS in FL. Donors Choose has many projects and you can tailor the selection of projects using a multitude of options.

So where do I apply this $25 donation?
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