Friday, January 1, 2010

Thanks to my PLN

As with any holiday, I always took time to show my daughter the importance of "Thank You" notes and remind her that if you do not thank the people who took the time and effort to do something for you...more than likely it will not happen again.

As a self directed long time learner, my personal learning network (PLN) and my personal learning environment (PLE) impact my perpetual and persistent learning. I learn from, in spite, or because of you...which includes you in my P4LN*. Some of you know who you are...and others will never know the impact they make or have made in someone's learning process.

Regardless of what you have shared and/or the platform you shared it through from a tweet, a link, a blog post, a comment, a book, actions or inactions, digital/virtual resources, support, and/or inspiration, recommendations, notice of corrections, know that you are appreciated and this is my virtual "Thank You" note in the form of an ABCD Award.

I have shared the link through Twitter for the public version of this shared Google document, so that you can create your own ABCD award and present it to those who are deserving. The ABCD Award is a simple and thoughtful way to recognize those who go "Above & Beyond the Call of Duty."

Want to learn more about PLNs and PLEs? There are a few links below but there are so many links and resources available that I cannot list them all here...please feel free to leave a comment if you have published information on your experiences with PLNs and PLEs.

edtechpost wiki - Collection of PLE Diagrams (Diagrams, links & categorized - 1 of my favorites)

EDUCAUSE - "7 Things You Should Know about Personal Learning Environments" in their collection of 7 Things briefs.

EduTech Wiki article on Personal learning environments.

Wikipedia provides a history of Personal Learning Environments.

Mohamed Amine Chatti's ongoing research on Technology Enhanced Learning blog post on PLE links with links to many other blog posts and articles.

However you reference your PLN/PLE, personal, professional, perpetual, persistent...or whatever adjective you use, it is yours, once you have learned it, applied it, the knowledge cannot be taken away from enjoy it!

Thanks again P4LN for continuing and growing on my learning journey!

P4-Personal, Professional, Perpetual, Persistent

Please share your comments, recommendations, and links about your PLN/PLEs and don't forget to thank them.

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