Thursday, February 25, 2010

Implicit Association Test

Don't let the word test scare you...
How aware are you of your unconscious biases? When is the last time you assessed your biases?

The Implicit Association Test offers one way to probe unconscious biases., is a web site for students, teachers, and other individuals interested in the causes and consequences of prejudice. This is one of many resources available in the supplements to the syllabus for the current course I am enrolled in for research methods.

This warning is posted on the website before you select the option to move forward:
Warning: This test has been taken more than one million times, and the results usually reveal some degree of bias. Your test results will include interpretations based on research done with more elaborate versions of this test. However, the parties who have contributed to this site make no claim regarding the validity of suggested interpretations. If you would rather not read these interpretations or risk discovering hidden biases, please do not continue.

Your results are for your knowledge, there isn't an option to send the results to a social media site or post to your is just you, your Internet connected device and the 2 fingers you use to respond. Depending on where you are in life the results may or may not surprise you. I shared this link with a few people who vocally claim they have no biases and could use a technological assessment.

So whether you take the Implicit Association Test or explore the Understanding Prejudice website, there are more than 2,000 links to prejudice-related resources, as well as searchable databases with hundreds of prejudice researchers and social justice organizations.

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