Sunday, March 7, 2010

What would you do? Response from RCSS...

During a recent assignment in Research Methods, self-reflection was required for one part of the assignment.

I am challenged during this course because many of the required reading assignments are in printed it, no problem implementing the Adapt, Implement and Overcome attitude is something I can do. The required text books are in My Library using Google Books but the views are "No Preview Available" and "Limited Preview" and the books have some type of online supplement which are annotated in the notes. During the self-reflection process I came across a document that challenged me to return to school...again.

I believe this response from the Richmond County School System was the straw that catapulted me into grad school. What would you do if your school board responded to written questions like this? Were the questions to difficult? Isn't this information that anyone associated with a school should have access too? Have you encountered this type of response from the school board and school administrators? I followed RCSS protocol to appear on the agenda, had silent support from many parents, students, administrators, and educators but when the board meeting was adjourned, I had two principals ask me, "What are you going to do when the board doesn't respond?" At first I was shocked that school principals would ask me this but I responded that we will cross that bridge if/when we come to that point. I truly believed that the school board would answer all of the questions...I can remember being at Butler High School that day when the principal brought me the written response from the board...more than 60 days after the questions were submitted to the board.

When RCSS hired Dr. Dana Bedden, this document was presented to him during one of his first Meet and Greet sessions yet 3 years later no updates and the document resides in the public record of the RCSS repository.

So here it is from 2007...

Your comments on the response (or lack of) and whether or not it would have prompted you to do something or accept the status quo are appreciated...or select of the Reaction buttons below this post.
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