Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Apps developed by Service members

The link contains information about the apps developed by Major G. Motes and his team, public apps and the apps submitted for the Apps 4 Army competition.

Public Apps
Army Creeds (Android and iPhone)
Soldier's Blue Book (Android and iPhone)
Luther's Small Catechism (Android)
Signal Corps Lieutenant Handbook (Android and iPhone)
Rights Warning Card (Android and iPhone)
Army Bugle Calls (Android) -> Great for JROTC, ROTC, and Scouts

Screen capture using ShootMe app

AIT Platoon Sergeant Handbook (Android and iPhone)
BAH Query (iPhone)
Army Physical Readiness Training (iPhone - A4A)
Fort Gordon Post Locator (iPhone - A4A)
Mobile Learn (iPhone - A4A)
SIGACTs (iPhone - A4A)
BCT Smart Card (Android and iPhone)
Apps submitted for the Apps for the Army competition:
Visit the site to see more info about the apps
Physical Readiness Training Circular App
Mobile Learn App
Fort Gordon Post Locator App

You can find a variety military apps in iTunes and Android market places but can you say you have met or know the developer?

For those with access to milBook this is a crosspost from:

While this is a time for Thanksgiving, I would like to thank all service members for their service. Keep up the great job! Your service is greatly appreciated.
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