Sunday, June 19, 2011

Have you checked out the new items in the Google Store?

I have been a Google girl/Google jockey/Google user for at least a decade and I still share this link with people who have never visited the Google Store. My mother often jokes that if the Google store sold underwear/panties/drawers she would buy them for me every Christmas.

So when people ask where did you get that shirt, gadget, sticker, mouse pad or whatever item of interest...I share the link or just tell them to Google the Google Store. You will be prompted to select your location for a shipping location: US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. It is OK to check on another area to see what is available even if you don't live there and practice your currency conversion too!

The Google Store has something for everyone, from stickers, bibs, things to wear, to collectibles to a section for YouTube gear. Select a category: Apps, Accessories, Fun, Kids, Office, Wearables, or Doodles, search the site, or review top sellers, what's new, eco-friendly, or specials, shop by size, color, or select sort options.

Eco Friendly References

Of course, all of the no cost Google digital products and Google Labs are always cool to share tinkering time with someone.

Remember...just because you know about it, tinkered with it, or visited the site...many of your friends, peers, coworkers, supervisors, administrators have never gone beyond the search screen of Google unless it was to click on the Google Doodle. Encourage others to tinker and explore, regardless of the device they use to access the Net.

*This blog post was created for those who are interested in visiting the Google Store. I am a user of Google products, not an employee. No discount, gifts, freeware, or special privileges were offered in the creation or deployment of this post.
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