Sunday, July 10, 2011

What my cousin is doing with his leukemia diagnosis

This post is dedicated to my cousin, Paul. Paul can Google him, friend him on Facebook, purchase his recent book ( Logos ) but I would encourage you to visit his latest blog, Thrilled to Death: Paul Pavao's Leukemia blog:  follow it, subscribe to it, or at least read the post on marrow donation.

Normally I post about something I discovered, learned, found a need to share or just something that is sticking in my craw that is in some way connected to educational technology. Because of technology integration, I can share his latest blog: Thrilled to Death: Paul Pavao's Leukemia blog.

Paul's links:
His informative post on marrow donation:
His Google profile
Proof of evolution blog
Thrilled to Death: Paul Pavao's Leukemia blog 
Rosecreek Village

This post is for the connections we will make, marrow donations that will be made, and awareness by those who read and share.
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