Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Coke Rewards for school and other things YOU can do to help education

One year ago I did a blog post on Coke Rewards for Schools where I listed the Richmond County Schools that were participating in the program and where anyone could donate points to a school whether the school was registered or not. I recently returned to the site to enter my codes and went to the donate to schools section and Butler High School was registered...finally. Hopefully all of my previous donations went to schools that were registered in our area, if not, I am sure some school was happy to receive the additional points.

The school system is still one part of your community, you still pay taxes (in one form or another) to support the system, so why not support it in additional ways that can help those in the system? Whether you donate your time, your points, your soup labels, or whatever your community is doing...invest in our replacements, as the students today will make the decisions about "who rocks your rocking chair" is the circle of life.
What if you don't drink participating Coke products (Water, Tea, Soda, Powerade)? Look there a vending machine in your workplace? Set up a box for people to drop off the lids before they recycle the bottle. Does the team purchase the multipacks of Powerade or Dasani? 

There are 4 easy ways to enter codes:
My Coke Rewards Mobile - Associate your mobile # with your account
Desktop Widget
Text codes to 2653

There are other ways to use your Coke Rewards from supporting a good cause (USO, Hispanic College Fund, American Cancer Fund, National Parks, Ocean Conservancy, River Network) to selections from the rewards, sweepstakes, instant wins.

What other ways are you helping your local learners and schools?
Encourage, inspire, assist, +1 someone, listen, care
BestBuy @15
Lowe's Toolbox for Education
Barnes and Noble at school
Boxtops for Education
Target Take Charge for Education
Office Depot Foundation - Education
Office Depot - Local support
Kroger Earning Plus Learning
Campbell's Labels for Education
America's Promise
Google Scholarships

What other ways are you helping those who will eventually replace you in the circle of life?

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