Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For my job seeking friends and acquaintances

*Update:  The overhauled USAJOBS site is back up and running. Log in, update your profile and saved searches. 

USAJOBS search and apply functions offline during the transition

OPM will transition to the new USAJOBS over the Columbus holiday weekend. During the transition nearly 5 billion rows of data will be extracted, validated, and subjected to integrity testing to preserve the applicant resumes, seeker profiles, and agency job postings in the current system.

The USAJOBS search and apply functions will be "offline," beginning at 5 pm EDT on October 7, 2011, which means no searches can be conducted and no applications can be submitted via USAJOBS. Daily transition status updates and general employment information, however, will be available on So, if you were planning to jump start your federal job search in the new fiscal year, you might want to schedule it for October 12th!

USAJOBS Student Jobs
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You can still keep up to date through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
The Army Resume Builder site lists this announcement: APPLICANTS please note that while USAJOBS is down, 6-12 October 2011, you WILL NOT be able to apply (self-nominate) to any announcement. During this period access will be limited to creating/updating your resume and viewing the status of submitted applications only.
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