Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hey grads...add your email

It is that time of year where graduates are snail mailing their graduation announcements and invitations...Congrats! Great! But one simple request...will you please add your email address to your contact info with your announcement?

It isn't that I mind doing the snail mail thing...but come on now eCards and digital gift cards have been around since you were born.

The flip side of this is it is time for you to have a professional aspect to the email in your digital footprint. You may keep your settings private on the social media sites, but it is now time to upgrade to the working world. It may have been fun to Google yourself while you were in high school or college, but it is time to get serious about your digital footprint. Whether it is a future employer, a potential date, or your next landlord searching your digital activity has never been easier to access.
Congrats to those who are graduating at any level just remember to add your email address to your contact info if you are snail mailing the announcement. Scanning the announcement and emailing to me would have been acceptable too! Maybe the next set of graduates will do a blog post as their graduation announcement, set up a donation widget, and create their own version of a digital portfolio?

As this eHow article states in an article about proper etiquette for graduation announcements, that you may have family members that do not have Internet access so I understand that some people still need the proper, formal, snail mail version but if you can blast your latest accomplishment using technology...why not?

Again...congrats to all the grads!
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