Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vote for your favorite park in Sprite Spark Parks Contest

Vote for your favorite park to win $15,000.00 to "get refreshed" sponsored by Coca Cola North America. The Contest ends on May 31, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. 

During the writing of this post Atlanta's Burdett Park and NY's Sorrentino Rec Center are hot swapping the first place position. All parks are set to get refreshed, Coca Cola is providing grants to help the public parks, so voter help decide the top 10 courts to receive $15K to assist in "getting refreshed".

10 First Place Grants - $15,000 that must be used to construct, refresh and/or refurbish basketball courts located in the Park.
10 Second Place Grants - $10,000 that must be used as specified above.
5 Third Place Grants - $5,000 that must be used as specified above.

25 Public Parks selected by the sponsor, Coca-Cola North America
Grayson Park Birmingham AL
Starlight Park Phoenix AZ
Hollywood Recreation Center Los Angeles CA
DeFremery Park Oakland CA
Emery Recreation Center Washington DC
Dorsey Park Miami FL
Burdett Park College Park GA
Evelyn Davis Park Des Moines IA
Washington Park Chicago IL
Indianaola Park Indianapolis IN
Portland Park Louisville KY
Gatto Playground New Orleans LA
Westown Commons Park Grand Rapids MI
Fox Park St. Louis MO
Elmira Park Durham NC
Frazier Park Charlotte NC
Sorrentino Recreation Center Far Rockaway NY
DeHart Park Cincinnati OH
Dermond Recreation Area Drexel Hill PA
Jesse Turner Park Memphis TN
Winzer Basketball Court Houston TX
Cotillion Park Dallas TX
Ethel Bailey Furman Memorial Park Richmond VA
Pratt Park Basketball Courts Seattle WA
Juneau Playground Milwaukee WI
Which park are you voting for?
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