Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Second Life Virtual Field Trip - Another homework post

For the final assignment this week we have a choice of one of the following projects:
  1. Online Virtual Reality Project using Second Life
  2.  Cloud Computing Projects using Google Docs (now Google Drive)
  3. Blog Project using any blog tool that allows public access.

I am using my blog post to document the Second Life activity. Multi-user virtual environments have a place in the learning environment, although not on the .mil domain. I have participated in conferences and visited NASA and NOAA sites through Second Life but never truly embraced the tool in the learning environment beyond my own educational participation.

Second Life (SL) has a place in education and by the resources available one may be surprised at the educational organizations using Second Life to collaborate. From the Second Life Education Destination Guide to the Second Life Education Wiki.

The image of my teleport visit to ECU (required).

EdTech Island
Bloom's taxonomy steps
Underwater after stepping off of the submarine in NOAA's virtual island

This was another fast and fun exercise in EDTC 7030. I believe the activity benefits the participants who work in the CP32 career field as they discover a variety of tools that may not be familiar or available to them.
These activities support these course goals:
1. Explore and use Internet tools used to deliver web‐based instruction.
2. Apply instructional design components in developing web‐based instruction
3. Identify and demonstrate knowledge of selected Internet technologies and apply them to course development

Thanks to everyone who supported my participation in EDTC 7030. Comments, recommendations, reaction box checks and +1s are always welcome.

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