Monday, July 22, 2013

How do you know if that product is recalled OR Do you have Scoot N Zoom Model 711?

I was checking prices of some items before donating and posting the items for sale and I discovered that the Radio Flyer Scoot N Zoom Model#711 was recalled. You probably learned the old adage,  "Buyer beware" when you were growing up, but do you implement practical application of the adage?  I would also challenge people who donate items, buy or sell online or F2F yard/garage sales to use your digital connections to research products before donating, selling, reselling, or purchasing.

Here is the Radio Flyer site announcing the recall of the Scoot 'N Zoom with FAQs and an option to apply for the $20 refund. If you have the Scoot N Zoom with a yellow UPC on the bottom your item is good. If it does not, then apply for the refund.

Why is the product being recalled?  The Scoot 'N Zoom (model #711) is being voluntarily recalled because the product may tip over causing a child to fall while riding, posing a risk of injury.
When and where was this product sold?  It was sold primarily at Wal-Mart, and also certain other stores from August 2010 through August 2011.
Where was the item manufactured?  It was manufactured in the United States.
How do I verify if I have this product in my home?  If you have a yellow UPC Code on the bottom of your unit, you have a redesigned unit and it is NOT affected by this recall. However, if there is not a yellow UPC sticker on the bottom of your Scoot 'N Zoom, we will send you a $20 refund check.
Radio Flyer has a link to the CPSC Recall for the Scoot N Zoom dated August 16, 2011. 

The US Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) provides many options to keep up to date with recalled items, from a telephone number, email, Twitter, Recall widget, a Droid Reall app, APIs for developers and links for International recalls and US Government recalls. You can connect with the CPSC on YouTube, Blogger, Flickr, or Twitter. You can search for recalls or report dangerous items. Here is to your safety this summer.

Just another way to integrate your digital device with things you do in life and keep everyone safe.

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