Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pre K Penmanship Activities Digital and Print

As the weather turns cooler and the holidays (and possible snow days) approach you may have some little ones around. Why not create a few penmanship papers for them to doodle with or demonstrate their newly learned skills while they are on holiday or snowed in during the winter weather days?.

I have to give some credit to +Kimberly Geswein  for sharing the KG Primary Penmanship Fonts  . Read the comments. If you use editing tools in your text document tools, you may want to turn them off when you create a document with the KG Primary Fonts with lines. Of course, always review the product in the print preview mode before you print. Now if we can get that font in Google Docs, that would be great.

I also have to give some credit to Donna Young and her home school site ( If you are snowed in with little ones, Donna's site has something you can use for all learning levels.

I also used some free fonts from Educational Fontware

These are just a couple of tools that family and friends may want to incorporate with the little ones around who want to show you what they have learned or some fun activities to refresh your old school learning with those who will replace us. I created a few worksheets so the GBaby can practice and showcase her penmanship over the holidays and possible snow days.

Gone digital?

I have to give props to +Richard Byrne who blogs at Free Technology for Teachers (and is present in so many social media streams) for sharing this blog post in December 2011, 123s ABCs - A Handwriting Practice App for Android Devices. Hat tip to +Richard Byrne and his +Free Technology for Teachers blog. I look to his blog for many reasons but particularly regarding learning, whether for myself, friends, family, wounded warriors or people who need to expand their perspective.

Whatever your mobile device there are apps for babies and toddlers to enhance learning. Check the source, analyze the permissions, and ruggedize your device before putting the device in the little one's hands. Whether you search Google Play , iTunes , or Amazon Apps, or Windows Phone Apps there are apps for everyone. Enjoy your shared teachable and learning moments throughout the year.

It is hard to believe that a year ago I wrote, Turned the old smart phone into a child friendly device for the GBaby, November 3, 2013.

While going through this learning adventure with the GBaby, I am reminded how my penmanship has regressed over the last 20 years while integrating technology into my own life.

Thanks to +PBS KIDS and +Sesame Street for providing many activities for the family to do throughout the year too.

So what apps and activities are you integrating to keep the youngsters' gray matter active during the holidays and snow days?

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