Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Technology Sharing Valentine's Day Certificate

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away…why not share your passion for technology. A simple gift certificate that anyone can use. One hour of 1 to 1 technology sharing. You can tailor the certificate to the recipients' needs or your choice of what you want to share.

In December 2009, I shared a Technology Sharing gift certificate because I work with diverse groups of people who span the technology scale. So here is the Valentine's Day version:

Give one and pass one on to someone else to continue paying it forward. From sharing your favorite blogs to using a specific piece of hardware or software to teaching about personal security or demonstrating the power of your PLN (Professional / Personal Learning Network). From F2F (Face to Face) to virtual, using a local library or a favorite wi-fi spot, from cell phones to is all up to you.

Whether you consider yourself an experienced techie, a novice, or someone who doesn't know a computer mouse from a real mouse the certificate is here for your use, modify, and to continue giving, learning, and sharing. You can give the certificate to those who may need some additional attention outside of a group setting or give the certificate to a group who may want to learn something you want to share. Maybe you know someone that you want to learn from...give them the certificate and request 1 hour of their time.

You can tailor the certificate based on what you want to give. A gift of your time to share tech info and skills cannot be purchased but the results are priceless.

I would love to hear how you give your technology presence versus presents. As always, your comments are welcome.

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