Sunday, June 15, 2008

One week until Freshman orientation

One week until Freshman orientation for my child. Like her high school graduation, I am probably more excited about my daughter beginning her second college experience. Her first experience was with Lead America ( at George Washington University in the CSI Program. She experienced dorm life with other high school students and she knew when she was coming home. I like that students today have options from attending computer programming camps, fitness camps, and pre-college opportunities.

This one is a little different. Her first day of school is her 18th birthday. The college is a local 4 year college, she will use the HOPE Scholarship, and she will meet a diverse group of adult learners in a very different format from high school.

I am glad she has options. She is still considering the Air Force and of course there are the multiple apprenticeships, internships, cooperatives, fellowships, grants, and scholarships available through eScholar, OPM's student site
( The Air Force is still another option but so is an internship with Google, MoMA, Publix, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, opportunities with the Peace Corps, many options and no requirement to pick a career and stick with it for 20+ years for a pocket watch and a send off dinner.

While we are preparing her for her journey, I just completed my fourth course with multiple reading, researching, and writing assignments. I am enjoying a 2 week break before starting on a class titled, "The Connected Classroom - Curriculum and Technology". I love the courses where we develop products in support of online courses. I will keep up with the blog since the homework assignments and job interviews are on a two week hiatus.
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